Wednesday, September 4, 2013

LinkBuilder na Matakaw sa Sambokojin

LinkBuilder na Matakaw sa Sambokojin
One is enough. Two is too much. I can hear our beloved friend - ang Linkbuilder na Matakaw saying that to herself. She's up to no good when it comes to Japanese-Korean-Taiwanese-Chinese-Foods. But at Sambokojin, something must have been changed. 

Visited twice with the same variety of fresh food to cook but different piece of heaven on the desserts. Sambokojin is a Japanese-Korean Grill All You Can Restaurant with a branch at Eastwood City. Delighted with different food to choose, our friend enjoyed the no-limit of time and food experience here.

Choose among the fresh meat of beef (spicy, plain or sweet?), liver, salmon, shrimp and more. You can also find ideal Japanese-Korean food to grill. Sorry that I have no idea on what to call them. But to give you a hint, it seems that everything has something to do with bacon!

Grill at Sambokojin with LinkBuilder na Matakaw

Not just to grill. At Sambokojin, there are already cooked food like chicken wings on spicy sauce, Chapchae and foods I never imagined that LinkBuilder na Matakaw would eat. There are of course the main dishes such as crab sticks, sushi and kimchi. She tried crab sticks and she wouldn't dare to eat again. :P

Sambokojin Desserts

What our friend most enjoyed on this dining momentum was the desserts table. Full of cakes in different flavors. Its up to you if you want to slice thick or thin - depends on how gluttonous are you. There are also  sliced pineapples and watermelons. If you want ice cream, - you will definitely enjoy this table as well. With flavors like mocha, chocolate and strawberry, have a cup-full of ice cream with toppings of your own. 

Ang LinkBuilder Na Matakaw sa Sambokojin

Try Sambokojin right now and see for yourself that our own LinkBuilder na Matakaw has a delicious taste indeed. 



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