Mi Chiamo Bhadz. My second name is Zephyr. I wanted to be known as BernadetteZephyr.

What you know about me is what I conceived for your to see.

I love books, so reading and writing is my forte.
I love eating, but being fat is what I hated.
I love music, but I ain't got no good voice.
I love tests, but I am tired of studying.

Its for you to understand me, not for me to guide you and like me. ;P

I love boys, but only as a friend.
I hate girls, but I love being with one.

This is for fun but must be treated as real.
Help me fond the true love of our LinkBuilder na Matakaw in her journey on Food Tripping.

I am a Filipino, but I prefer English in writing. :D

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enjoy eating! i mean reading! :)